Alexandria Monet Acosta


Beauty should be accessible to everyone. I believe that make-up transforms the way an individual perceives themself, by lifting their confidence. It is my passion to provide a service to everyone that allows them to experience their true beauty.

Alexandria Monet Acosta developed her passion for make-up at a young age. Growing up as a dancer, she had the opportunity to practice make-up for stage. Make-up was a creative way to articulate the dances by using make-up to tell the story further. One thing that intrigued her was the way you could alter a persons appearance to compose a variety of endless looks.

Alexandria is a UCLA graduate, with a degree in World Arts and Culture. Furthermore, she used her education in cultural arts to help create a vast cultural awareness allowing her to acquire more ideas for her career as a make-up artist. Her passion for the arts has assisted in cultivating her unique vision and extensive creativity.

Throughout her make-up career she has experienced various areas of media, from commercials to fashion shoots. A Make-up Designory Graduate (MUD), Alexandria has also worked as an assistant under numerous make-up artists.

Make-up is her passion, her outlet, and her life…


  • Prosthetics
  • Old Age
  • Injuries
  • Bald Cap and Airbrush
  • Hair Styling
  • Character
  • Period
  • Beauty